Jaguar’s series-hybrid XJ project

Reports surfaced in early 2009 that Jaguar is part of a project to convert an XJ (the new, aluminium one, not my old ’99 in steel!) to a series hybrid.  A number of reports list the bare bones, but I haven’t been able to uncover many details.  Here’s an Autocar piece.

The project is called ‘Limo-green’ and is put together and funded by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board.  It seems to involve lightening the chassis and seats (Caparo), inserting a 145 kW electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack and backing it with the new constant-speed lightweight diesel generator ‘hybrid range exender’ from Lotus.

There are the usual hints about eventual production of the vehicle – Autocar suggests 2011 – but given the sparse information from Jaguar, this must be seen as a concept car for now.

We’ll be watching Jaguar and Limo-Green for tips for our straight electric conversion.

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